Paediatric Acupuncture Shonishin

About Paediatric Acupuncture Shonishin

Shonishin children’s needle therapy uses non-invasive gentle techniques that are well tolerated by babies and young children. These simple stroking, rubbing and tapping techniques can also be taught to parents to do at home.

Shonishin recognises that children do not like needles and has developed non-invasive techniques, which are not frightening to the child. The channels and points are stimulated by gently stroking, rubbing or tapping with a variety of tools. These different kinds of stimulation have a strong therapeutic effect.

The general treatment can be very useful for improving the child’s vital energy and strengthening their constitution.

Treatment will help symptoms to naturally improve and to give a greater sense of well-being. As a result, treatment helps to make the child less prone to illness.

Most commonly treated conditions:

  • Irritability & impatience
  • Excessive crying at night in babies
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention problems in young and school age children
  • Dream disturbed sleep
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Allergies
  • Chronic stuffy or runny nose (from repeated colds or allergies)
  • Asthma
  • Weakened immune system – the child that catches cold frequently or has recurrent viral infections
  • Bedwetting
  • Stammering or stuttering
  • Weak constitution including babies with inadequate weight gain, frail children that are not as active as others
  • Rashes including urticaria
  • Eczema
  • Neurological problems
  • Ear infections, usually chronic or repetitive
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